Fiduciary Management

Your plan, and how you manage it, increasingly is falling under intense scrutiny—not only from participants, but also from the regulatory bodies that are responsible for protecting participants’ interests.

As your partner, we can share much of this fiduciary responsibility with you and implement a disciplined process to better manage your fiduciary obligations. 

  • Fiduciary Review: We conduct a thorough evaluation of your plan to ensure compliance with ERISA, plan documents, and current legislation. We also examine plan fees and expenses to make sure that costs are reasonable relative to the value and services being provided.

  • Investment Selection: We help you develop an Investment Policy Statement, the guiding document that establishes a consistent process for evaluating and selecting investment options.

  • Ongoing Assessment: We continually monitor and review your plan's investment options, fees, and services for adherence to plan objectives and guidelines.

  • Documentation and Records: We create and maintain a fiduciary audit file to house documents and record the process you follow to manage your plan.

  • Investment Committee Oversight: We help establish and oversee the group of individuals appointed to ensure that your plan is fulfilling its objectives.